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What is a parts washer?

A machine that is used in manufacturing, or maintenance type operations to clean dirty parts or dirty components. Parts washer types include cold cleaning, vapor degreasers, and conveyor type degreasers.

Common Parts Washer Types Include Manual and Automatic as well as Top Load and Front Load.

What are some cleaning methods associated with parts washers?

Solvents: Solvents work by dissolving dirt. Solvents include petroleum based solvents such as mineral spirits, and naptha, along with organic type solvents like trichloroethane, trichlorethylene, benzene, and xylenes.

Aqueous Cleaning: Aqueous cleaners are normally pH neutral or alkaline water based solutions that break down and remove dirt from part surfaces using detergent and hot water.

Why are parts washers a safety concern?

Parts washers utilize solutions that eventually become used up and must be disposed of. Some used parts washer cleaning solutions may be considered a special hazardous waste and require special industrial processing.

Are Hot Water and Detergents really able to clean as well as solvents?

ABSOLUTELY!, in many cases hot water and detergent can clean better then solvents, while leaving no residue or coating on your parts. Water based parts washers can effectively clean a wide variety of items ranging from small computer components to large transmissions.

Is water based parts cleaning more expensive than using solvents to clean my parts?

NO, most companies see a huge savings when they convert to water based parts cleaning. Water and detergents are usually cheaper and there is normally no disposal cost. The environmental fees and costs associated with solvent usage are totally eliminated. Water based solutions also have a longer cycle life, saving your company money on multiple levels.

Are water based cleaning wastes a problem to deal with?

NO, water based cleaning waste is much simpler to deal with. Usually the cleaning solution can be emptied into the sewer system in most cities.

How often do I have to change out the parts washer cleaning solution?

Cleaning solution changing schedules can vary from company to company. Solution replacement times will vary depending upon the amount and type of usage. A person using the parts washer to remove light oils and surface dirt may only be required to change the cleaning solution every 30 days or more. While a person cleaning a lot of heavily soiled, greasy parts may be required to change cleaning solution every 14 days or less. Cleaning solution replacement times will depend upon your specific application.

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