Service Line, Inc. Announces Expansion at its Reedsburg, WI Manufacturing Facility for Renegade Parts Washers and Detergents

In response to increased demand for its line of Renegade industrial parts washers and Renegade solvent-free detergents for parts washers, Service Line Inc., announces it has completed an expansion of its facilities at its Reedsburg, Wis., headquarters.

Service Line says the new expansion is designed to provide the additional capacity required for new parts washer model development, parts washer detergents, additives, and other products for anticipated business growth.

“We specialize in creating quality custom industrial parts washers that meet unusual and challenging customer requirements,” says Dave Barney, president and founder of Service Line.


Renegade Front Load Large Capacity Parts Washer Cleans Heavy-Duty Automotive Components Without Solvents to Lower Environmental Impact, Increase Automation, and Reduce Labor Costs.

The Renegade FL 9000 8060 WRD Wash, Rinse, Dry, Front Load Heavy Duty Aqueous Parts Washer is the large capacity, solvent-free cleaning solution for production cleaning operations such as engine and transmission machining facilities, or large remanufacturing operations. Renegade front load cabinet washers operate with a durable gear-driven turntable and provide easy access to the wash zone. Parts are thoroughly cleaned of grease, oil or lubricants in a high temperature and high-pressure environment.

The Renegade FL 9000 8060 WRD Wash, Rinse, Dry, Front Load Heavy Duty Aqueous Parts Washer features an eighty-inch turntable and 5,000-pound load capacity. Additional features include 30 HP Heavy Duty Wash Cycle Pump, 850 Gallon Sump Capacity, PLC Programmable Wash Cycle Timer and Oil Skimmer.

Industrial Applications for the Renegade FL 9000 8060 WRD Wash, Rinse, Dry, Front Load Heavy Duty Aqueous Parts Washer include Engine Components, Heavy-Duty Bus, Heavy-Duty Truck, Industrial Parts Cleaning, Large Casting CNC Machining Facilities, Machine Shop, Mass Transit, Mining Equipment, Production Engine Shops, Production Machining Facilities, Railroad Components, Remanufacturing Facilities, Transmission Machine Shops, and Transportation Production Centers.

Automatic Front Load Parts Washers Automotive maximize efficiency in day to day production cell operations. Renegade Aqueous Heated Parts Washers are designed to work with Renegade Solvent-Free detergents for maximum cleaning without residue buildup.

About Renegade Parts Washers

The Renegade Product Lines of Parts Washer Equipment and Parts Washer Detergents is manufactured and sold by Service Line, Inc. in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. Founded in 1996, the product lineup includes the standard Renegade automatic top load and front load parts washing systems, manual parts washers, and the Renegade Industrial Series of automatic top load and front load aqueous part washing systems, rotary parts washers, immersion parts washers, and pass-through parts washers, all available with value-added configurations that consider the operating costs of the entire cleaning production cycle, including advanced automation, product handling, worker safety, and environmental impact. Renegade Detergent, Soaps and Additives developed for parts washer systems are the solvent-free, high performance cleaning solution with additional health benefits.