To Renegade Parts Washers Customer Service and Support Team

My name is Chris and I am the service manager for Maplewood Bicycle in St. Louis, MO. We own a Renegade TMB 5500 parts washer that recently required some new parts and service to get back in action. We ordered some replacement electronic components for the heating system and ran into some issues with getting the contactor to engage to complete the circuit.

Sean in Renegade Parts Washers Customer Service Team

I just want you to know that we leaned hard on Sean McFerren in your service center to solve this issue and, with his help, we were successful. I can’t remember a time where I received better customer support for anything inside or outside of my job. He really went above and beyond to help us get our machine back, and believe me, we need that parts washer!

I’m sure we are a small fry compared to some of the customers your team works with, but they didn’t make us feel that way. I appreciate your Renegade team and the support they provide.

We are Renegade Parts Washers fans!

Thank You,

Christopher Hanley, Service Manager

Maplewood Bicycle, Maplewood, MO