Renegade I-Series Pass-Through Parts Washer

Renegade I-Series Pass-Through Wash, Rinse Dry Parts Washer System Delivers 3-Stage Continuous Cleaning Efficiency to Clean and Dry Complex, Fabricated Metal Components

Pass Through Parts Washer Video Demo

Renegade I-Series Pass-Through Wash, Rinse Dry Parts Washer System delivers 3-stage continuous cleaning efficiency to clean and dry complex, multi-ported parts transported via inline conveyorized roller operation. Each wash and rinse stage compartment contains spray manifolds with strategically-placed nozzles to deliver high pressure force and high temperature cleaning. The dry stage compartment contains a powerful air blower to remove residual water from even hard to reach cavities. Conveyor “tunnel” or “flow-through” cleaning systems are designed for high-production, repetitive cleaning operations and stages can be configured in any order.

Key Components of the Renegade I-Series Pass-Through Wash, Rinse Dry System include PLC/HMI Touch Screen User-Friendly Controls with 7-day Timer for Heating and Skimming, Filter Monitoring, Preset Maintenance & Wash Cycles and Temperature Display. Additional features include Ethernet Connection for remote monitoring, Filtered Fresh Air Intake, Heavy Duty, Variable Speed POM Conveyor Transport System and Rugged Stainless-Steel Construction.

Industrial Applications for the Renegade Pass-Through Parts Washer include Aviation, Fabrication, Machine Shop, Large Casting CNC Machining Facilities, and Remanufacturing. The Renegade Modular Conveyorized Cleaning System reduces labor and increases operational efficiency for real impact on operation costs. Renegade Parts Washers are designed to work with Renegade Solvent-Free detergents for maximum cleaning without residue buildup.