Welcome to the news blog for all things Renegade Parts Washers and Detergents! Renegade top quality Automatic and Manual Heavy Duty Parts Washers are the ideal solution for a wide range of industrial applications, including general repair and industrial process cleaning. Renegade models are available in top load, front load, conveyor pass-through and more. Renegade Parts Washers are designed to work with Renegade SOLVENT-FREE detergents for maximum cleaning without residue buildup.


General Repair Cleaning

General repair cleaning applications range from automobile repair facilities, to fleet and transit, to engine and machine repair, and more. Renegade automatic or manual parts washers are the ideal solution for busting grease, dirt, oil, and lubricants.

Production Process Cleaning

Renegade creates custom parts washers for industrial production process cleaning. Renegade Industrial “I-Series” Parts Washers offer increased functionality such as special filtration, large HMI/PLC control and a range of component options. robust engineering. Achieve clean spec requirements and higher quality standards.

Detergents and Supplies